Electricians Guide Books

Technical Training Solutions produces and distributes the Unite Electrician's Guide Books, a publication first released in 1988 and long known as one of the best guides to the IET Wiring Regulations. The Guides are also used as course notes for our wiring regulations (C&G 2382), the inspection and testing (C&G 2391) and the design of electrical installations (C&G 2396) courses. Pocket sized for ease of use, they cover the subject areas in an interesting and informative way, without unnecessary technical theory. The books are written by experts in their fields in an easy to understand language and are complemented with drawings and illustrations. 

The Electricians Guide to Good Practice incorporates a section on design which goes through the selection of cable sizes: starting from establishing the design current (taking diversity into account); selecting the protective device; selecting the cable size; calculating voltage drop; calculating earth fault loop impedance; determining the cpc size and assessing the prospective fault current. This structure helps to guide the reader through the importance of each of these issues but without dealing with them in an abstract or purely academic way.

The Electricians Guide to Inspection and Testing is structured in two main parts; one dealing with existing installations and another dealing with new installations. Each of these parts are then broken down into inspection, testing and certification. Examples of what should go on the forms are given. There is another section containing useful reference material.

The Electricians Guide to Good Practice is printed in black and white and is currently over 200 pages long. The Electricians Guide to Inspection and Testing is currently over 100 pages long and is printed in full colour.